How To Optimize Your WordPress Site

how to optimize your website



 Have you created a website or blog for your business but it’s not not generating traffic or enough money?

 Do you want more visitors and traffic to your website but you are not sure where to  begin and what needs to be done?

 Do you just want to be told WHAT to do and how to do it to see real results from your business website?

Then keep reading…

Did you know that most small business website owners NEVER see the results that they want from their website? You do not have to that happen to you!

Have you been told that generating traffic and income for your business website is hard and takes a lot of time? WRONG!

It doesn’t have to be complicated! 
It’s easy to draw targeted visitors to your website and get fabulous results when you know how.


My program will get you more traffic and income!

I will show you everything you need to know. Really! 

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Barrier #1:

Barrier #2:

Barrier #3:

 “I simply don’t have the TIME to learn any of this stuff!”  “I am not computer savvy! What if it’s too complicated?”  “It’s SO Overwhelming! I don’t even know where to begin!” 
 An easy and focused training that will lead you step-by-step to optimize your website. The demands of a business owner keep us all extremely busy, but you simply can’t afford to ignore your online presence anymore. Can you?  You DON’T have to be a programer or computer savvy to optimize your website. This is a step-by-step program which means, there is NO techy jargon. All the steps are easy to follow and implement.   As a small business owner, I understand how overwhelming and confusing website optimization can be. My students finds that with my guidance and explanation, optimizing a website doesn’t have to be rocket science. It CAN be simple and fun!
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It doesn’t matter how slick your website looks: If no one comes to it, good luck building that Web business. John Brandon                                                                                                 

So what should you do?

You need to actively think about how you’re going to bring new visitors to your website and connect with the right audiences — people who are most likely to become paying customers. How? Buy leverage some of the following traffic drivers:

Search Engine Optimization (SEO):
Develop a strategy to improve your website’s visibility in search engines. When prospective customers are searching for information online, your company should be the first-responder to these questions.

Social Media:
Develop a presence on social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn, and Quora. Focus on the networks that best position your organization to reach target audiences.

Share thought leadership and expertise in your industry. Your company blog can help you to become a trusted resource for your customers and prospects.

Email Lists:
Bringing visitors to your website just once isn’t enough. You need to keep them coming back. An email list can help you accomplish this goal. For instance, every time your company publishes a blog post, you can send a notification to your readers.


Ready to learn how to optimize your website/blog for more traffic and income?

Just a Taste of What You Will Learn Inside The Training:

1. Understanding what are SEO key words and why all of this important for your business

2. How to come up with the perfect key words for your website. I will show you 3 easy ways to research your keywords for every page you put out there.

3. How to measure your keywords for better trafficSo you will know which keyword can bring the most traffic to your website

4. Where and how to implement your keywords for maximum ranking on search engines. 

Note: this is stuff you can take and use right AWAY!


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People Just Like You Are Raving 

I cannot recommend Sarit Lotem’s “How To Optimize Your Website and Blog” enough! As someone who is completely illiterate with  webhosting, SEO, and anything having to do with the management of a website, Sarit has a wonderful way of breaking it down in a very simple easy to follow format. After taking her classes on SEO, I put what I could into practice immediately. A few weeks later after trying to keep up with all the tools she gives, I googled myself and found my webpage on the first page! Mind you it was a local search but still, there I was! I had even a bigger surprise on day when I received a phone call from a potential client. I had asked her how  did she find me and she replied Google! With all the hard work with being a new business owner, this was my greatest accomplishment and I felt successful! 

I highly recommend Sarit!

Respectfully and thankful!!!

Pat Wanas



• You already have a WordPress website or you are about to have one, and your site is not generating traffic and sales for you. It is time to create a WEBSITE THAT WORKS!

• You’re just starting a business. There is NO better way to generate momentum than by creating your website to build your brand.


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